2023 Highlights

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I thought the group sizing was perfect. It allowed for the right amount of time spent doing everything. The activities were interesting, hands on which I love.

Executive Pastry Chef

Kitchen space, group size and how that was organized was great! Loved the hands on workshops.

Executive Pastry Chef

I liked the open discussion from my group on how we develop innovation projects.


I enjoyed the opportunity to listen to other chefs and hear different perspectives on the same topic.

Executive Chef

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I look forward to potentially attending your next, should that make a calendar.

Executive Chef

Overall it was wonderful! I got something out of each activity, even if it wasn't all geared towards me or my business. I look forward to future events, and love how open everyone at AUI and Roland were about the feedback that was given. It really felt like an open forum where all ideas could be shared and were heard.

Executive Chef

I took home a lot of great information. It was better than I could have imagined.

Product Manager

I thought everything was extremely well done. I found both discussion and interactive [workshops] were very informative.

Corporate Chef

I liked that our team was smaller, we had more time for everyone to talk and participate, and I like that I was grouped with other pastry chefs so we could compare notes.

Executive Pastry Chef

I did enjoy the smaller group sizing and hearing about how the other organizations develop new menu items and utilize Roland products.

R&D Chef

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